Developing a website for a client

medical_logo2-copyI have started work on developing a website for a client.
The client is a General Practitioner who wants her original website completely updated.
I have started working on the logo and I downloaded the main medical symbol, which is called “the Rod of Asclepius.”It is a serpent-entwined rod wielded by the Greek god Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicine. I have decided to use a blue and grey color scheme as you can see.

Finishing Project1

It was a major milestone to upload project1 on line.
I discovered that it is important to keep things simple and not to have too many folders and images. Seeing my work on line was great!
It was a steep learning curve but luckily I have a good tutor who has written a Web Design Manual.
I now look forward to developing a new website for a client.

A Street Cat Named Bob
The first website that I have just created is “A bookcritics blog”.  It was challenging but rewarding,trying to tie together all the different elements of a website. I encountered some difficulties but managed to overcome them.

I chose a font of a bookshelf from Dafont to develop as my logo and I chose a color scheme from Kuler Adobe and I used a gradient so that the transition from pink to aqua was easier on the eye.  As I had two images in the header I had to place one as a h2.
Creating the blog page took alot of effort but it was great when everything fell into place.  I enjoy the coding especially the css which eventually gets everything in the proper place.

Developing Project1